2016 Clare Valley Riesling - Dozen

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Clare Valley, one of Australia’s oldest wine regions, is home to the aromatic grape variety called Riesling. When turned into wine, it’s undeniably one of the exciting white wines with its pale straw, youthful green tints and brilliant clarity. Experience the bursting and piercing flavour of fruits with its scents of lemon blossom, floral nuances and fresh limes that will enliven your nose. The beautiful balanced palate combines the classic Riesling characters of lime juice, grapefruit rind and hints of cinnamon spice, with a cleansing natural acid finish. It’s the perfect accompaniment to freshly shucked Coffin Bay Oysters or the delectable King George Whiting!

Buy a bottle of this fascinating wine and enjoy a sumptuous meal with your loved one. You can also buy a case now to stock up for those special occasions and spur-of-the-moment celebrations. Let your friends and family experience the alluring taste of Clare Valley Riesling.


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